How to solve “GC overhead limit exceeded” error

As the names suggested Java try to remove unused object but fail, because it not able to handle so many object created by Talend code generator.  There’s simply too much objects being created too fast, and the standard Java GC mechanism (on 1.6 at least) is not able to handle it.

This error may occur during compiling job or at running job, so we have two way to fix.

For Run-Time solution is

  • Opne Run TAB
  • click on Advance Tab
  • dobule click on -Xmas and incrise the size upto GB eg. -Xmas2G or -Xmas-100M
  • double click on -Xmax and incrise the size upto GB eg. -Xmas4G or -Xmas-200M

For runtime Error Configuration of jobs JVM parameters is different from studio jvm startup parameters

In run-time case, you have to add/customize the JVM parameters to your binary.ini file in <TIS Install> directory if you are using The .ini files affect the studio (including compilation of jobs) but not the running of jobs.
For the studio memory, if you run TOS_DI-win-x86_64.exe then you need to modify TOS_DI-win-x86_64.ini.

These two save your life from “GC overhead limit exceeded” error

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