JobScript Step by Step 1 – What is Job Script

JobScript is simple text file with .jobscript extension, this file is used by Talend API  to generate Talend Job, in JobScript you can define components, schema, transformations, connections between component. and all the things which can be done using Talend Job designer.

Note: JobScript feature not available in Talend Open Studio. 

JobScript looks like a plain Text having JSON like structure. if you aware of Json then it is very easy to understand JobScript. Talend help center has good explanation on JobScript check once so you have good understanding of JobScript and the terminology we will use.

We will create job script to create a job which will be used for loading CSV data to SQL server with transformations.
so our job will have following components.

  • tFileInputDelimited
  • tMap
  • tMSSQLOutput

below screen you can see a sample JobScript which has exact hierarchy which start with basic setting of job then job parameters, components , and ends with component connections. I have marked those in numbers with block so there are total 3 blocks which i am going explain in detail.


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    1. JobScript special feature in Talend and it requires complete understanding component and its property. so it very difficult to explain in comment, I am post further part of this post.

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