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I am Software consultant with approx 7 years of experience mainly in Business Intelligence and data warehousing assignments using Talend. Writing is not my passion but i am doing it to help others. if you have any special case where you want me to demonstrate then please post me.

3 comments on “How to redirect standard output to a file

  1. Umesh, I am a big fan of your articles since I am a newbie to Talend. I am struggling to come up with a solution where I have one centralize Error job to capture the errors of any other jobs. So if my Job A, Job B or Job C throws the error/s it will be picked up by Error Job. I have gone through different posts but no luck as of now. I am in urgent need of such a solution.



    1. Thank You Austin!

      You can create one ERROR_JOB, which will use error capture component to catch the errors and move to file/db table. then just drag and drop this(ERROR_JOB) to Job A, B and C to capture the errors. soon i will post the entire workflow.

      Thank you

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