Set Java Job Upper Heap Memory Limit

Talend provides many features for improving performance of Talend Job execution; this post I will describe how to increase Java Heap space.

You can allocate Heap space based on available memory on your machine.

  1. Using Run Tab.

    1. Go to the Talend Run Tab and then select “ Advance Setting”
    2. Select checkbox “Use specific JVM argument” option, it will enable argument Table.
    3. Click on “New” button to add first parameter for minimum memory allocation by writing “-Xms256M” this code.
    4. Do the same for to add second parameter for maximum memory allocation by writing “-Xmx1024M” this code.
    5. See the image for more details.
Configuration For heapSpace
Configuration For heapSpace

if you want to modify existing assigned memory size then double click on argument row it will open a pop up to edit there you can modify it.

  1. Using Preference menu.
    1. Go to Window menu and select “Preference” option.
    2. It will open new dialog box with various configuration options.
    3. Click on “Talend” node it will expand and show you other options.
    4. Inside “Talend” node click on “Run/Debug” option it will show you various options but we will add only JVM arguments as we did in step one above.

See the image for more details.

Configuration For heapSpace
Configuration For heapSpace

These are the two ways of assigning JVM arguments for Java Heap space but if you want to supply JVM argument at run time then you have to modify your .bat or .sh file based on running environment.

After opening .bat or .sh file you can see code like “java -Xms256M -Xmx1024M”  this can be modify and saved, once that is done then job will use modified arguments instead default one which we have set on above steps.

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