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I am Software consultant with approx 7 years of experience mainly in Business Intelligence and data warehousing assignments using Talend. Writing is not my passion but i am doing it to help others. if you have any special case where you want me to demonstrate then please post me.

7 comments on “Validate CSV headers in Talend.

  1. hello umesh ,

    nice post…

    can you pls help me out on following scenario.
    we have various xls files present on server.
    format : sales price MM yyyy.xls.
    example : 1) sales price 01 2014.xls
    2) sales price 03 2014.xls
    3) sales price 09 2014. xls
    4) sales price 01 2015.xls
    … 5) sales price 07 2014.xls

    requirement : I need to fetch latest file I.e. sales price 01 2015.xls

    note: files are not present in exact date order ..means files of 2015 can come after 2013 or prior to 2010 .

    1. Design your job like below.


      Now add fowllowing code in in tmap variable.

      basename.substring(basename.indexOf(“.”)-7).replace(“.xls”, “”)

      use this varibale to parse in output column and named as fileDate.
      TalendDate.parseDate(“MM yyyy”, Var.Name)

      Configure tAggrigaterow component
      click on add button below the oration and add fileDate column.
      Select Max Operation from list, it will give you latest file

  2. Hi Umesh,
    the above post is very useful.
    Could you please help me out on this ?
    My requirement is :-
    The file which gets generated after running etl is “XYZ_20150603_1.csv”

    where XYZ is hardcoded value,
    20150603 is the system date
    and ‘1’ indicates number of times the etl has run in a single day.
    Suppose if etl has ran for 2 times then the value needs to be ‘2’
    My question is how to generate a counter like 1, 2, 3, …… based on the number of times an etl has run in a single day.

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      Thank you for posting such good scenario, you can see my post here wherein I added all the required details for you.


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