How to Add Header and Footer to a File

I will demonstrate you, how to add custom header, footer to file. This is the often required functionality for file processing and validation.

Requirement: Create delimited file with below structure.

Header Part

File Name: Name of the actual File.

PID : process ID.

Header Columns.

Body Part

Text Data. 

Footer Part

File Created Date: Date & Time.

Number of Records: record count.

This is our final job design.

Final Job Design
Final Job Design

Step 1: We will create Header part first.

Step 2: Add tFixedFlowInput component and configure as below.

  • Add one column “value” with string type.
  • Select “Use inline table” option and add three rows.
  • Add each line of below code to the each line we created previously.

"File Name: CustomerDetails.csv"

"PID :"+pid


  • See the image for more details.
tFixedFlowInput Setting
tFixedFlowInput Setting

Step 3: Add tFileOutputDelimited and connect with tFixedFlowInput component using Main flow, then configured as follows.

  • Add file path name “C:/home/CustomerDetails.csv”.(you can change this)
  • Row separator=”\n”
  • Field Separator=”,”

Step 4: Add tRowGenerator and configured as explained in previous blog post.

Step 5: Copy Paste tFileOutputDelimited_1 component which we have created in Step 3, then connect  tFileOutputDelimited_2 with tRowGenerator using main flow. Configure as follows.

  • Select Option “Append”.
  • Click on  “Main” flow and go to the “Advance setting” tab and select option “Monitor this connection”.
  • Unchecked “Use Input Connection as Label”. it will show you a “Label” and text box to write, write  “Number Of Records:” in same text box.

Step 6: Create context variable named as “NumberOfRows”, then copy and paste tFixedFlowInput_1.

Step 7: Configure newly pasted  tFixedFlowInput_2 component.

  • Delete second last line from list.
  • One second line add this code "File Created Date: "+TalendDate.getDate("dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss").
  • on third line add the context variable. context.NumberOfRows. 

Step 8: Copy paste tFileOutputDelimited_2 and connect with tFixedFlowInput_2 using main flow. no need to do any additional configuration.

Step 9: Add tFlowMeterCatcher component and add tJavaRow and connect each other using main flow, do not click on “Synch” button on tJavaRow. Write below code in tJavaRow component.


Step 10: Run the job it will create file with Header part, Data part and footer part. below is our final output.

Header and Footer Output
Header and Footer Output




About Umesh

I am Software consultant with approx 7 years of experience mainly in Business Intelligence and data warehousing assignments using Talend. Writing is not my passion but i am doing it to help others. if you have any special case where you want me to demonstrate then please post me.

3 comments on “How to Add Header and Footer to a File

  1. Hi umesh,
    thank you for sharing this useful information which really helpful to beginners.
    please also provide solution for Oracle Bigdecimal number(talend takes it by default while fetching data from DB) problem as we cant compare it with integer.

    1. Hi Indrajit,

      Thank you for posting comment.

    2. if you are facing problem with conversion of BigDecimal to Integer then change the data type at input component.
    3. Or you can convert BigDecimal value to String first then use Integer.valueOf() function to convert string value to integer make sure you are checking for nullablity other wise it raise for error
    4. second type of conversion only works if you it has no scale associated with BigDecimal.
      I will write detail article on numeric conversions but you can try something like.
      `Integer.valueOf(bdValue.intValue()) // if you have values like 1000 and not more than size of integer.`

      if you don“t care about scale then use blow function it will work.

      `bdValue.setScale(0,BigDecimal.ROUND_DOWN).intValueExact(); // value=100.23 result=100`

  2. This example is not working, context Create context variable named as “NumberOfRows”

    i am not getting the count of no of rows

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