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5 comments on “Data Validation Using tSchemaComplianceCheck

  1. I have list of XML files in folder, i have tfilelist component as first componet in job, i want to compare schema for every file in this folder against a xml schema that i have created and any file that doesnt match with this schema should be moved to different folder. I am trying to use tSchemaCompliancecheck component here to move rejected files to different folder and accepted files to sent to tFileInputXML component to process further.
    tFileList provides iterate connection and tSchemaComponentCheck accepts only main connection as input connection.
    How can I compare file schema and move rejected files?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      If I understood correct, you want to validate XML files not XML schema? if so then you need to validate XML using tXSDValidator component not schema compliance check. schema compliance check will validate your source structure/schema with target structure/schema.

      Job Design should be like this.


      let me know if you have any further questions.


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