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4 comments on “Talend Date Routine functions with Examples-Part 1

  1. Hi i’m having one query.
    I need to convert the given time to EST format in a given table. I converted using
    But now the requirement is i need to change the time zone for each country from where the table is updated. Its a huge process to move the job to dev system and edit the time and again moving it to production system.
    Whether there are any possibilities to create a configuration file such that only the time can be changed and it can be moved to production system easily. Can you help me out with this.

    1. Hi Shivraj,

      Yes time value can be loaded from context variable using context load component, for that create context variables for timeValue with integer type and then define this variable in configuration file.
      assign appropriate time value to timeValue in config file then it will be loaded using tContextLoad component.

      hope this helps you

      Thank You

      1. Hi umesh,

        Thanks for ur response. Can you suggest me how to create a configuration file. It is the first time i’m facing these kind of scenario. Can you please help me out in this, so that it can be used as an example in future if some one facing these kind of scenario.
        Whether its possible to write a “IF” statement in TalendDate.addDate(myDate,addValue,”MM”) and load the time variables such that the time zone will be automatically identified.
        The actual scenario is i’m having a table which contains ID,Fname,Lname,email,added_date,converted_date as column names.
        Initially while loading into table all the 5 column will be loaded and converted_date will be null(added_date will be in IST format).
        I created a simple job such that if i run the job the converted_date will be loaded to their required time format.
        Can you help me in creating a configuration file such that i don’t need to change time whenever the time zone changes.

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