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5 comments on “tFileList use case example iterates on files or folders

  1. I have task in which i have one delimited file(file1) with 2 text fields. not i have a folder in which is have list of files. i want that only file name to be added in my file1 that matches first field in file name. Iterate through the list of file keeping one file name as a mask at a time, get the file name and update file 1 – third field with that name. How can it be done

    1. Hi Tapan,

      Provide us more details like, source file name, file which contains the file name, and expected result, i will provide you complete job flow.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the information.

    In my scenario i want to forward the latest file into tFileInputExcel. I have applied case 2
    Please let me know what other changes are required?


  3. Could you please help as I have below scenario .

    1. List files from source directory
    2. Check if #1 file exist in destination directory
    3. If exist then rename existing file at destination directory
    4. Copy file from #1 to destination directory


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