multiple if-then-else Statement in Talend with Result

If-Then-Else statement in Talend

If-Then-Else is the common requirement of Talend implementation to use conditional execution of job, component or data, during various part of Talend job development. Following are the possible ways of implementing If-Then-Else cases. Using tMap: If Then Else with tMap AS you know tMap is versatile component which allows us developing lookups, rejects, conditional formatting, transformation, data filter, […]

tREST:- GItHub API Followers complet job

tREST use case example- Use Rest API in Talend

The tREST component serves as a REST Web service client that sends HTTP requests to a REST Web service provider and gets the responses. This scenario describes a simple Job that invokes a REST Web service to get a user record from GitHub and then retrieve the user information. When executed, the Job displays relevant information on the […]