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Welcome to DwETL, a Data Warehousing Beginners & Experts Preferred location. Discuss and learn Talend, and Other ETL tools, Including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and other data warehousing tools and techniques.

Data warehouse Technology is relatively new. The need of data warehousing comes from an organization’s growing demand on reliable, consolidated and integrated reporting and analysis of its data for informed decision making. In the recent years, owing to the huge growth of hardware capacity, processing power and relatively cheap data storage solutions, the field of data warehousing has expanded appreciably.


Now-a-days, almost all the biggest names of every business domain in Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics etc. use data warehouse. This has been possible due to the relentless hard work and impervious dedication by a group of IT professionals who are coding the backbone of data warehouses around the world.

The DwETL is a focused Web site of senior consultants specializing in the design of effective data warehouses & ETL to deliver enhanced business intelligence. Through consulting, education, and writing, we help organizations leverage the information that’s collected by their operational systems to make better business decisions. We pioneered this industry. Although what we do is no longer unique, how we go about doing it most definitely is.
Averaging over 7 years of experience in the field, our vendor-independent team has the know-how to relate to a broad range of client situations, and the insight to react to the elements that make each distinct. Plus the aptitude and attitude to look out for our clients’ best interests at all times. We wrote the best-Solution blogs on dimensional modelling, Talend Open Studio and DW/BI methodology.
And every day, we surround our clients with more ways to make smarter decisions.That’s why we’re the industry popular in DW/BI websites, design and education, especially when it comes to Talend Open Studio. Although many of our competitors are larger, none are more experienced or relentlessly practical.

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  1. Hi Team,

    i am working on an scenario in talend where i have a file having data which is tab separated, i want after 200 tabs data should go to next line.Can u suggest way for that.

    1. This page where you can post question related to site,
      please provide more details on your scenario, use contact us page to post the question, i will answer there.

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