tSchemaComplianceCheck1 use case custome defined settings

Data Validation Using tSchemaComplianceCheck

In my Last post, I have demonstrated how to Validate CSV headers  using Talend. In this post we`ll see how to validate source data with output schema? for that we will use tSchemaComplianceCheck component. tSchemaComplianceCheck Validates all input rows against a reference schema or check types, nullability, length of rows against reference values. The validation can be carried […]

tAggregateRow vs tAggregateSortedRow Job

Difference between tAggregateRow and tAggregateSortedRow

Difference between tAggregateRow and tAggregateSortedRow was question to me, so I started searching possible answers and I found nothing even on Talend help centre nor on Google. Therefore writing this post. This is our input for demonstration. I know these many columns not required but still wanted to use. tAggregateRow: Receives a flow and aggregates it based on […]

Before and After file delete output

Delete files more than N number of days old

Scenario: Delete files more than ‘N’ number of days older, using Talend. Step 1: Create Job and add tFileList on canvas and configure as follows. Set Directory path as your files location. Select FileList Type as “Files”. Case Sensitive=”No”. Add File mask as “*.txt”. ( you can add per your file type). Step 2: Add tFileProperties […]

Final Job Design

How to Add Header and Footer to a File

I will demonstrate you, how to add custom header, footer to file. This is the often required functionality for file processing and validation. Requirement: Create delimited file with below structure. Header Part File Name: Name of the actual File. PID : process ID. Header Columns. Body Part Text Data.  Footer Part File Created Date: Date […]

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