Pulling Twitter Updates Using Talend Open Studio -Part II

In previous post you have seen how to get a user ID`s from twitter API. In this post we will see how can we get the Users details. Requirement for Demo. Talend Open Studio. Twitter API Access. JDK installed. Access to below API.followers/idsusers/showstatuses/friendsstatuses/followers To get user`s detail we will have to use users/show API so make sure you are able to access […]

Pulling Twitter Updates Using Talend Open Studio -Part I

Twitter is most popular Micro Blogging site, and people like to get the details of users, events, elements, and followers. We will see how Talend Open Studio help us to automate Twitter user detail scrapping. It  I splitted this post into 4 parts, so readers can go to the specific topic.  Requirement for Demo.  Talend Open Studio.  Twitter […]

Parse XML from Google Drive Using Talend Open Studio

On this part we will see how we can load XML from Google Drive. I have below XML stored in my won Google Drive account, which is available for Download and view. So first of all please check you are able to download it.  Required Things For Demo. Sample XML (Download) Talend Open Studio Installed Here […]

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