tREST:- GItHub API Followers complet job

tREST use case example- Use Rest API in Talend

The tREST component serves as a REST Web service client that sends HTTP requests to a REST Web service provider and gets the responses. This scenario describes a simple Job that invokes a REST Web service to get a user record from GitHub and then retrieve the user information. When executed, the Job displays relevant information on the […]

tFileInputJSON Use Case-Parse JSON using Talend

tFileInputJSON extracts JSON data from a file according to the JSONPath query, then transferring the data to a file, a database table. tFileInputJSON  Use Case : This post I will demonstrate you, how to parse JSON File using Talend.  Below is our sample JSON File. { “Person”: { “firstName”: “John”, “lastName”: “Smith”, “age”: 25, “Address”: { “streetAddress”:”21 […]