tSchemaComplianceCheck1 use case custome defined settings

Data Validation Using tSchemaComplianceCheck

In my Last post, I have demonstrated how to Validate CSV headers  using Talend. In this post we`ll see how to validate source data with output schema? for that we will use tSchemaComplianceCheck component. tSchemaComplianceCheck Validates all input rows against a reference schema or check types, nullability, length of rows against reference values. The validation can be carried […]

tAggregateRow vs tAggregateSortedRow Job

Difference between tAggregateRow and tAggregateSortedRow

Difference between tAggregateRow and tAggregateSortedRow was question to me, so I started searching possible answers and I found nothing even on Talend help centre nor on Google. Therefore writing this post. This is our input for demonstration. I know these many columns not required but still wanted to use. tAggregateRow: Receives a flow and aggregates it based on […]

Get Latest file from folder

How to get latest file from directory

This post I will describe, how to get most resent file from directory based on display date or a date from file name. We have below sample files in our directory and every file has date in the name of file, based on that we will decide which file is most resent rather than file created date/ […]

Read Multi Schema Positional File using tFileInutMSPositional

tFileInutMSPositional component is use to read Multi schema Positional file, this component gives ability to read multiple schema based on certain columns value. We are using Invoice file which has Invoice Header & invoice Details records in single file. Sample file. Invoice Header records start with “H” alphabet. Invoice Details records start with “T’ alphabet. […]

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